The Simpleton


Keep it simple. That is my motto for life. It does not define my intelligence but it does define my actions. I choose simplicity because life is already complicated enough. I don’t feel the need to represent myself in big words and deep quotations. I do not feel the need to “act like” a guru. There are enough of those in this world. I just want to be simple and authentic.

Lately I find myself growing tired of the comparison game. I see other yoga instructors and often think “should I be like them”?  I see other yogis and think “Should I be doing poses like her?” I often feel like I fall short because I cannot pull off a certain pose like others can, or I feel my age has now caused me to fall behind the rest of the crowd. Oh how the devil loves a good comparison game. He usually wins by the way. I end up feeling defeated and once again I lose my drive to move forward.

I just need to keep it simple.

When I simplify the devil doesn’t have much room to play the comparison game with me. Simple poses work just as well as complicated poses. Often times they work better because we are not focused on the pose but rather the feeling, the breath and the presence of Jesus on our mats. Keeping it simple allows the light to shine through.

Simple words are just as profound as complicated words. Let’s face it. Most of us like simplicity. We like simple speech and we like to get to the point. I know I don’t have all day to listen to a long, drawn out, big worded,  look how deep I am speech….just get to the point. I can tell you in less than five minutes how God has profoundly changed my life without all the fluff. Keeping it simple allow God to fill in the empty space.

Yes. I am a simpleton and I like it that way. When I keep it simple God covers the complicated and, in all honesty, He is better at that than I am!

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